These ceiling panels were hand-painted by Tom McGrath. Brambier’s used Barrisol translucent Aurore Boreale hanging frames for the Dr. Phillips Center of the Performing Arts.

About Tom McGrath:

McGrath depicts mostly in-between spaces: scenic blind spots, windshields chasing tail-lights through the rain, nocturnes with blinds, and sodium lights; a silhouette of chain-link grid leaping out against slow-panning headlights.

Film-noir lighting techniques and obstructed views convey a sense of un-naturalism or uncertainty– a reversal of the normative assurances offered by the picturesque. The artist states “I want the paintings to evoke in passing a relationship to the increasingly perspectival fiction of nature. To paint a landscape today is to begin each painting at nature’s vanishing point.”

Project Information:


Balfour Beatty Construction
Orlando, FL


HKS, Inc.
Dallas, TX


Dr. Phillips Center of Performing Arts
Orlando, FL


Brambier’s Windows and Walls
Lyle Brambier – President / Project Manager

About Dr. Phillips Center of Performing Arts

It’s about more than just teaching art. It’s about teaching life.
Performing arts education develops the whole person – body, mind and imagination.

The Dr. Phillips Center and Florida Hospital announce a partnership to create an arts and wellness educational facility and program. The Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of Arts & Wellness will combine arts and health to make diverse, multidisciplinary programs that transform health and wellness by connecting people with the arts throughout key moments and milestones in their lives. The Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of Arts & Wellness will integrate literary, visual, dance/movement, music, and performing arts into a variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes.