The Ashley/City Furniture Showroom off I-95, just North of Glades Road in Boca Raton was the first installation of Lutron® Cable Guided Shades. The shades are controlled by an automatic system which lowers the West exposure shades just far enough to prevent the late afternoon sun from blinding customers as they shop. The exact stopping point of the shades varies according to time of year.

All shades are installed 12 feet from the floor, and throughout both showrooms; no one ever has to operate the shades—even though there are override keypads inside the equipment room, if they ever wish to override the automatic system.

Density of the fabric was chosen so that shades controlled the glare, without blocking the view completely; and the color was chosen to blend with the glass tint, making the shades invisible from outside the building.

Project Information:


Stiles Construction

Property Information:

City Furniture
Boca Raton, FL 33321


Installation by:

Brambier’s Windows and Walls
Bob Brambier – President Shade Division / Project Manager