I’m Susan Finch and I work with Lyle on the Brambier’s website.

I’d like to get more projects up on the site and need your help. This form asks for project details, stories and I’ll also need photos. I understand you are busy in the field, so if you are unable to tell me the story, get photos, etc, fill in the blanks for the project contacts and I’ll follow up with them to get the information, a quote from them to include and more.

The goal is to present all of the beautiful, unique, inspiring completed projects to the public to help with search engine results, giving us more to talk about on social media, and more.

Videos and photos tell great stories. I want it all to tell the Brambier’s story. If you have access to images, please upload them to Google Drive and share with susan@susanfinch.com. If you prefer dropbox, that works, too.

Contractor information:

Architect and/or Design Firm information:

Tell me about the project:

Products used in this project: