Mime artist Marcel Marceau: Exhibition made using Barrisol and ArtolisMime artist Marcel Marceau was recently given a tribute exhibition in Europe, celebrating the power of gesture as a form of non-verbal communication.

This exhibition was made using ARTOLIS panels from Barrisol®, a partner of this event.

By : Barrisol® Normalu® SAS

With the support of the City of Strasbourg and the Foundation for Strasbourg,

The association A Museum for the Mime   presents you:

The Power of Gesture” exhibition in Strasbourg from 1 to 26 March 2017

An international event in the birthplace of the mime artist Marcel Marceau.

The exhibition is part of  an awareness-raising campaign on the basis of non-verbal communication. Gesture is universal. It overcomes cultural divergences, bypasses geographical differences: it is international.

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