“Changing Creations” by Industrial Designer Ross Lovegrove

The Pompidou Centre exhibition devoted to the work of industrial designer Ross Lovegrove demonstrates a sense of harmony between creativity, technology and nature.

A sustainable vision for the world.

The Barrisol® Cocoon is a design used for projections, made using steel and employing the double skin technique with stretched gold fabric Mirror® Gold on the outside, and black on the inside, allowing light to be absorbed. At the centre of this piece, plunged into the black, there is a small area where digital animations designed by the architect Alisa Andrasek, are projected. Fluorescent light filaments continuously sweep across the Cocoon, giving a hypnotic, aerodynamic effect, while a soundtrack plays in the background.

Printed Barrisol® fabric panels were placed next to the Ross Lovegrove pieces for decoration and to complement the British designer’s outstanding work.