A few months ago we covered some ideas on how to turn your beautiful, unique space into an event hot spot. But, how do you get the word out? Host events yourself!

Earlier, we covered the basics, including:

  • Lighting and access
  • Insurance and other considerations
  • Vendors and coordinators

Hosting events is a fantastic source of extra income and a unique way to market your hot spot, so we suggest getting started by hosting your own event to get things started.

Host Events in Your Unique Space!

Need some ideas? The first places I would reach out to are local schools. Frequently schools are looking for places to hold events at a low cost, and offering to host an event for a school can generate good buzz with the parents and faculty. Events to host could include an auction, a student art exhibit, faculty/staff holiday event, concert, or an off-campus meeting.

Holiday office parties are another event you can recruit to your space. Small companies may not have the space in their own offices to hold events, and if they are just starting, may not have the cash for a larger venue.

Non-profit organizations are another wonderful entity to market your space to. By offering the space for their events and meetings at a discount, not only do you help spread the word and market your space, and help a non-profit.

Fit the Event to the Space

Brambier's Windows and Walls: host events

Photo: The Atrium at Weiden + Kennedy, Portland, OR

Is your place in a converted home? Industrial area? Office complex with a courtyard? Rooftop? Small Business? Really cool lobby? Get a feel for what kind of events may fit best for your space, and market from there. Some of the coolest events I’ve been to have been in a space where the open lobby and bright windows were put to use for a beautiful evening event.

Get the Professionals on Board With You

First and foremost – hire a professional photographer to help you get the best quality photos for marketing purposes. Other people and places to consider for making your event space come together:

  • Party suppliers – Do they offer discounts for small venue spaces?
  • Wedding Coordinators – Are they willing to show your space to potential clients?
  • Caterers and Bartenders – Do you have a culinary school and/or bartender academy in your town? Students are frequently required to have several hours of on-site experience, so reaching out to these places could provide you with the right food/beverages at the right price.

Make Your Space Great!

There is so much hidden potential in unique spaces that you can take advantage of. See the potential and get started!