In the early 90’s I attended a wedding in Seattle, near Safeco Field. It was one of the most beautiful and unique weddings I’ve ever been to. One reason why it was amazing? The venue. This unusual event space created a perfect romantic atmosphere for a wedding.

This particular unusual event space was an enclosed alley. The area between two older, reconditioned buildings was covered with a paned-glass ceiling (this was Seattle, after all) and in the center a beautiful fountain had been installed. It had the feel of an atrium, and when you looked up you saw the beautiful Seattle sky.

On either side where the buildings stood, catering and bar services were ready and waiting when guests wandered over before and after the ceremony. Tables and chairs were set out along the sides, and the ceremony itself took place in front of the fountain. It was truly unique and the unusual event space – an old alley re-purposed into something beautiful – was center stage.

Making Your Unusual Event Space a Hot Spot

Do you have a spot in your main entry that is gorgeous, but not used to it’s full potential? Or a garden area that is lovely to look at, but underutilized? That’s where you begin. Try to envision the types of events that would best fit the space. Office parties? Weddings? Class reunions? The size of the space, the climate in your area, and the location will help determine what types of events are best suited for your space. Take a look at other event hot spots in your area to compare.

Lighting and access

Lighting and access are two other pieces to consider. Can the space be lit to create the best atmosphere? Is the space ADA-compliant, so all guests can enjoy it? Is there adequate and easy access to restroom facilities? Think about what kind of atmosphere a rented portable bathroom would bring to the event.

Insurance and other considerations

One other piece to consider before launching your event space is insurance. Contact your insurance provider and find out if your current policy covers what’s necessary, or if a rider will need to be added. Will the people working the event be able to get to the electrical circuits if necessary? Who will be the emergency contact? Any other security considerations?

Vendors and coordinators

If you decide to open up your unusual space for events and have done your homework, it’s time to start marketing to event coordinators. Event coordinators will likely have relationships with vendors, so we recommend starting there. Reach out to coordinators of the events you are hoping to host, and establish relationships: offer tours, provide discounts, and network.

Beautiful Spaces

Don’t just keep your beautiful space to yourself! Renting out your space for events can being in extra income, extra customers, and drive traffic to your business. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration, and be awed by the beautiful space featured in the above photograph: Chihuly Garden and Glass, Tacoma Washington