Years ago, as a young woman in love in my late teens and early 20’s, I remember holding hands in museums, public parks, and when no one was looking, sneaking a kiss before someone happened to walk by or come into the exhibit hall. What can I say, art brings out the romantic in me and still does. Secret rendezvous or romantic adventures are no longer as secret as we used to think – and they may very well be recorded. This isn’t to spoil the fun, and spontaneity, but to keep an eye on an art exhibit, company open space, monument, vandalism potential, and perhaps even to monitor who goes where, to get a demographic profile of the types of visitors and what they do. We see it in television and movies – cameras recording us inside and outside to solve crimes, find the missing, put together the pieces to a baffling story. Satellites have upped the game substantially. Have you done a Google Earth search on your home lately? How close can you get? Can you also see a street view? This works for us and against us. It’s a great way for criminals planning a crime to survey the area, look for alleys and potential snafus.

There was a movie that took this further that you could record something in the future and then show it a precise number of days prior to the actual event in time. Movie’s like Kingsman zero in on a worn camera image to show a document in someone’s hand and piece together the missing pixels to make it legible. Shows like Blindspot are able to zoom in on a person in a car and run it through the FBI database. How true all these things are, I’m not sure. I’m guessing since true life is always stranger and more fascinating than fiction, I would say it is very likely possible.

Japanese Garden in PortlandSo when you are in a public park admiring the art, on the Nike Campus taking a lunch break with a visitor, expect to be on camera. It’s time to get back to some public etiquette with regards to personal habits, public displays of affection gone too far and our behavior in general. The next time you take the stairs in a hotel thinking you can sneak in a smooch, think again. Someone is most likely watching. I like to think my mom is watching. Would I want her to see what I’m doing? This puts a stop to a lot of shenanigans in this house. I ask my kids to run that test every time they are wondering if “it’s” a good idea.