One of the challenges with university architecture and design is acoustics. The location’s aesthetics must be inviting, but the students and lecturers must also be able to hear what’s being discussed. At Brambier’s, we explore the importance of both when contracted to create or renovate spaces in educational institutions.

First Things First

We approach the beginning of the project with the question: “What does the space look and sound like now?” We gather feedback from the project coordinators, and plan accordingly, both from a design and sound perspective. Barrisol® stretch ceilings and walls offer a huge variety and flexibility to make certain the project’s needs are met in both areas.

Lecture Hall Acoustics and Design

Frequently ceilings go unnoticed. They are there to simply cover the structural elements of the building. Going unnoticed is especially true in lecture hall settings, which are designed to be open spaces. The uniqueness Barrisol® ceilings bring to the table allows the ceiling to become a tool for both form and function, utilizing lights, colors, and the sound of the room to bring the space together, opening the area visually, and enhancing the student’s listening experience. We always keep lecture hall acoustics in mind as we design and build these spaces.

From a maintenance standpoint, Barrisol® ceilings create a situation where the building’s structural elements are accessible if needed. The installation is clean, quiet, and easily modified.

Two recent projects highlighting the beauty and flexibility of Barrisol® ceilings in a university setting: FAU College of Business DeSantis Pavilion renovation and the Gaston College Lena Sue Beam building. The unique piece of the DeSantis Pavilion is the use of fiberglass panels, showing both square and curved lines. The fiberglass material creates excellent acoustics in the space as well as a strong business-like feel. In the Lena Sue Beam building, Barrisol’s Artolis® coatings were used. This coating is shock and impact resistant, and infinitely adaptable for both ceiling and wall applications.