Brambier’s used Barrisol Star on custom frame in this area of The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Barrisol Star Ceiling Ribbon

The Barrisol Star product produces the quality and style of Barrisol Traditional, but with an extra performance enhancement: no visible tracks. For certain installations, this is an important factor for the overall design. The pieces are customized and adapted to the exact dimensions of the space. In The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, the beautiful blue creates a calm upward space and the wavy texture adds visual interest for the museum’s patrons of all ages. We think the Barrisol Star ceiling ribbon on the custom frame looks fabulous!

About Children’s Museum Atlanta:

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta supports all types of creative play, from role-playing in the grocery store to becoming the driver of our crane. Through this play, children are learning and growing. They are becoming early scientists and ask questions like, “If I do this, then what happens next?” and as mathematicians, they ask, “How many apples can I put in this basket?” The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers programs, camps and workshops throughout the year; from science workshops to musical performances. Donations are a great way to help support The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, so the learning, growing, and play can continue.

Location: 121 Baker Street Atlanta, GA 30313

Contractor: Anning-Johnson

Architect/Designer: Steven & Wilkinson Stang & Newdow Inc.,

When Brambier’s completed this project: 2002

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About the Photographer:

Michael Maheux is the owner of Panorama 360°. Mr. Maheux is based in France, and traveled to Florida to photograph these wonderful spaces. He is an architectural photographer, specializing in virtual tours, or 360° panorama photographs. With his innovative approach and technological know-how, Mr. Maheux brings distinctive vision to his work. He has traveled the world, photographing the unique and beautiful architecture throughout Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. See more of his amazing portfolio at