We were so happy to be asked to be a sponsor of this entry.

The lighting was perfect.

Is there a local food bank near you that is looking for ideas to raise awareness?

Prime position to draw attention to this worthy event.

What can you do locally to help feed the hungry?

Can-15-Arc-205x300We signed up at the Sponsorship level for this fantastic event: the Third Annual CANstruction. Hosted locally by Weitz Company Construction,  CANstruction is a fundraising event held in over 200 cities across the country, and we signed on to help for the event benefiting the Palm Beach County Food Bank. This was our second consecutive year participating with Weitz.

Here’s how it works: Competitors design and build sculptures using non-perishable canned food that, in turn, gets donated to the food bank, with the intent being to raise awareness of hunger in our communities.

This year’s theme was, “We CAN Triomphe Over Hunger.” The participants were tasked with creating a model of the l’Arc de Triomphe made entirely of cans. Talk about a challenge! We loved every bit of it. Take a look at our wonderful creation!

Event background:
The Weitz Company and Leo A Daly teamed up once again to help the Palm Beach County Food Bank feed the hungry in its 3rd Annual Canstruction® Competition. Being able to put food on your table is one of life’s most basic necessities. Yet in a county known for its wealth, it’s hard to imagine that there are so many individuals, children, and families in Palm Beach County who struggle every day with hunger and food insecurity.

Job loss, underemployment, illness, loss of home, these are just a few of the reasons there are so many in need. Each year, roughly 35 million lbs of food is needed to feed the hungry in Palm Beach County. Thousands of residents in our county struggle with food insecurity and recent data confirms the difficult environment so many face. The Palm Beach County Food Bank is here to supply food to hungry families in need throughout our community.